The Future of Moscone Center
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The Opportunity Cost of Not Expanding


  • Moscone user surveys conducted by the San Francisco Travel Association generally affirm the draw of San Francisco as a destination but some respondents noted dissatisfaction with the non-renovated areas in the Moscone Center and, in some cases, cited space constraints as a potential future impediment.
  • Moscone is smaller than the 12 convention centers deemed most competitive, especially with regard to exhibit space. Moscone has less than half the exhibit space per square foot of meeting space with 1.7 ft2 compared to the competitive set’s average of 4.3ft2.
  • Moscone space constraints resulted in a direct spend loss of nearly $2.1 billion for the years 2010/11 through 2019/20.
Economic Benefits of Expanding


  • The increase in hotel tax revenue is projected to be $20 million.

This project will provide over 3,400 permanent, new jobs, many of which will be available for line service workers in the hospitality industry.

  • This project will create an estimated 3,407 construction jobs through 2018.
  • This expansion would have a net economic impact (both Moscone net operating income as well as total visitor spending impact) of $734,402,886 through the fiscal year 2026. The proposed project captures $134 million of this.
Improvements to the Moscone Center and Neighborhood


This project will add more contiguous exhibition space to the Moscone Center, allowing it to remain competitive on a national scale. 

The expansion will add over 305,000 square feet of functional area, including new exhibition space, new meeting room and prefunction space, new ballroom space, and support areas.

The expansion project will also include a number of urban design and streetscape elements which are designed to both improve Moscone’s connection to the surrounding Yerba Buena neighborhood, and to provide a number of bicycle, pedestrian and urban design improvements for neighboring residents and businesses.